Thursday, February 5, 2009

2006 NCN Convention, Orlando

After spending so much time on the NCN forum, it was pretty cool to meet many of the people that I’ve come to know through their posts on there. In particular, I finally got to meet my friend Elgin Bolling, also known as The Subway Surfer. He flew down from New York City for this. We had been chatting on the phone about the art of caricature for over a year by now.

I had a lot of fun overall, but metting Elgin and his friends Kenly Dillard and Alison Gelbman was definitely one of the highlights. After the opening festivites, we all went out to dinner across the street. I shared a hotel room with fellow caricaturist from Busch Gardens, Carl Davis. Although there was no need for a hotel room a we were never there. There was too much to miss.

You get in a creative zone from so much inspiration, socializing and sleep deprivation. The main conference room was busy with activity all day and all night, not to mention the many seminars, all focusing on different aspects of caricature.

Here's a picture of Elgin and me at the banquet, along with some drawings of Elgin, Sayuri, George, Paul, Freddie, Bob, and Michael, in that order. These were all drawn on the same paper, Dixon Markette and Prismcolor Art-Stix that we used at Busch Gardens:

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  1. Hehe, I recognise a few of those wiseguys! Awesome work Chris!