Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cartoonin’ with the Copic

The Copic marker is a brush-tip marker, and behaves much differently than the Dixon Markette. You can find the Copic Sketch at most any art store, or right from their website:

They are refillable and you can even change out the brush nibs when they wear out.

At Busch Gardens, we had the choice of Copic or Markette. I had tried the Copic, but could not control it, so eventually gave up and stayed with the Markette. But about this time I wanted to give it another shot to see if I could get better results in the long run. So after returning from Orlando, I purchased some Copics, determined to give it another shot. After a few days, things started to improve somewhat, and then I started getting into the sensation of working that brush tip across the paper. Because the tip is flexible, you get a “buffer” that smooths out any small erratic motions, so the results are smooth lines that you can get to swirl around with lots of variable-width flavor.

There is a popular book called “Facial Expressions” by Mark Simon. He was a guest speaker at the NCN convention After the book came a lot of caricaturists in the NCN would use it for practice, and post their results on the forum.

I was not about to humiliate myself with the Copic in front of a live audience, so practiced at home with Mark Simon’s awesome book.

Here are a couple slightly exaggerated drawings from the book. These were all drawn on 8.5 x 11 printer paper. The page numbers of the reference photos are visible.

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