Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three party gigs

It was a bit of a letdown after the 2006 NCN convention, because I would have loved to draw people every day.

The first opportunity came in January, 2007, at a party for the daughter of a colleague at the school where I teach Photoshop for a living. This was the best of the lot, and was drawn with the Copic:

Not too long after that my friend Carl Davis got a gig at Clearwater Beach and needed an extra artist. For this I went back to the Markette. The girl's dad was there and she was a sweet little girl. This is not really caricature but my personality comes out in these kind of drawings:

Not too long after this, Carl called me again with another party at Clearwater Beach. This was a Hawaiian theme and about everybody there was sunburned. That evening I went back to the Copic, and this was my favorite of the night:

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